Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mama's Guide to Surviving Junior High

1. Be NICE

2. Don't Gossip. Gossip is evil and serves no purpose except meanness. You'll be happier and drama-free without it.

3. Don't Make Fun of What Others Like. Sure, you are entitled to your opinion but not to ridicule others who don't share it.

4. Care about Other People. Don't talk AT your friends, talk WITH them. Care about their feelings, their likes, their lives.

5. Don't take crap. Be respectful of others but don't let bullies and b*tches push you around.

6. It's not all about YOU. Don't drone on endlessly about something that only you care about. Save that for people who share your passion for the subject.

7. Take the high road. Just because others don't follow these rules doesn't mean that you shouldn't. Just think how nice it would be if they did.

8. Never hesitate to bring your problems to your parents.

9. Don't be embarrassed. Don't take yourself too seriously and you make it hard for people to tease you.

10. Avoid bad situations. If something feels wrong it probably is. Trust your instincts. Never be afraid to run from danger, drugs and bad ideas. See #8 for more information on what to do.

Follow these simple rules and school and hopefully life, will be easier.

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