Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Comedy of Hair-ors

So, I, a gadget addict, purchased the latest hair removal fad (which shall remain nameless) that advocates ‘sanding your skin with sandpaper’ essentially. Sounds GREAT, right? Painless hair removal… is neither painless nor did it remove hair. But, it did leave me with a rug-burnlike rash. NOW, how much would you pay? Itchy, you say? Why not try a certain anti-itch ointment advertised on tv? Alrighty….I haven’t learned my lesson yet. So, I slather the ointment on my itchy legs and go to bed. Then I roll onto my side….holy crap. When did I set the mattress on fire? I hop up and sprint to the bathroom. My legs look (and feel) sunburned. Red, inflamed and throbbing. ARGH!
Wonderfully, you can’t just wipe away ointment. You have to hop in the shower….at midnight….on a Monday. Afterward, I apply milk to my chemical burn to try and neutralize the intense burning pain. Oh, and I still need to shave.


Totally Timmy said...

I had my armpits stick together with wax and then had to burn them with the wax remover. It left blisters. What we do for the sake of beauty.

BlenderBach said...

haha - that reminds me of the time I tried to wax! each strip only took off patches of hair and left me looking like I had gotten mange.

Oh! And trying Nair! Ha!