Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm still here

After taking a long winter nap, I'm back. Unforch, I'm not anymore interesting than I was before I left so here are some pictures to look at.

New painting - 80% finished. I see some areas that need touched up


ismoyo said...

Goodmorning! ;)
Good to see you came out of hybrenation.
Love your new painting!

Dees said...

Love it too!!!do I hear some gloomyness in that remark about being interesting??don't put yourself down girl!!!xoxo

greenbeanbaby said...

now that is a darn good and wonderful painting!!! and breaks are needed!!! :)

femputer said...

glad you're back!

ReFabulous said...

This is an adorable painting. Very nice! (saw you over on craftster!)