Friday, November 16, 2007


Thankyouenjoy tagged me so I'm obliged to participate.

1. Tommy Smother of the Smother's Brothers fame once ran away from me like I was deranged in a casino in Lake Tahoe because I recognized him.

2. I've never been out of the country.

3. I am a huge Doctor Who fan.

4. I'm kind of a pack rat.

5. I own approximately 65 lipsticks and 40 pairs of shoes.

6. I collect Fiesta dishes. I have a china cabinet full of them.

7. I throw brilliant and elaborate tea parties with my daughter.

Now, I must tag others. hmmm... how's about....
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Daisy In La La Land
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the rules:
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Katie said...

65 lipsticks?

Finally! Someone with more than me.


KiWi said...

Well, my lips take up about 65% of my face so...