Saturday, August 04, 2007

I. Am. Short. epilogue

Later the same evening, my family and I went out of town to see a movie. After a singularly horrible choice of dinner accomodations, I stopped at the Walgreens for some rolaids soft chews. As I approached the customer-free counter, the checkout lady said, 'I almost didn't see you! You suffer from vertical challenge, dontcha?' (poor grammar, notwithstanding)
Feeling like a pygmy on display at the natural museum of history, I said, 'oh yes, I'm hardly visible to the naked eye. '
This is getting seriously ridiculous. I'm slightly over 5 feet tall and yet to read these stories, you'd begin thinking I was somewhere in the neighborhood of three apples high. Tom Thumb ain't go nothin' on me.

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Dees said...

Jeeezzz I can't believe this story Kiwi,how cruel people can be eh?Don't let it get under your skin!