Monday, June 18, 2007

last post about my daughter's room

I promise:)

Here's the bed...the final piece. Oh, and the pillows I made for it. The wrinkled kimono hanging on the ladder is mine from the 80's. I'm amazed it isn't dust.

and here are some stickers! Lil' Zombies!


moogan said...

the room is looking great! She's going to be so excited!

your new stickers are great!

Tessa said...

What a cool bed!! And those stickers are just too cool for words! :)

mohairpink said...

You need to give us more photos of the room. We're not sick of it - want to see all of it! A little couch and loft bed - she's going to FREAK. Cool mom of the year goes to Kiwi!

mohairpink said...

P.S. Could you tell us how you hung your parasol?