Sunday, June 17, 2007

In six days, she returns

My darling daughter, Mini, will return from California in six days and her room makeover is almost complete. We finally found the bed we wanted and it's being delivered tomorrow. I'll have pictures of that later. So far, we've layered the geta on the goa, hung the parasol, placed the geisha, shelved the lucky cats and the 'faux-keshi.


Dees said...

Oh your darling daughter will be so happy!!I know I would!xoxo

Tessa said...

Ooh - the room looks lovely! I especially love the black blinds with round white lights - so striking and elegant! What a lucky girl! :)

mohairpink said...

You've done so much - does she have any idea? Imagine how surpised and happy she's going to be on arrival. I think you did a super job, K. There is nothing like home sewn/made objects for a room to really show someone how much you love her. Good job - big pat on the back!