Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hanging a Parasol

So, I lied. Here's more of the room unveiling. Darling Mini came home saturday night and was utterly speechless when she saw her new room. She literally stood in the middle of the floor with her mouth open. It was brilliant.

It's hard to see but in the ceiling, we drilled in a white plant hook. We then laced some elastic thread through the handle and tied it in a loop. Then we hooked the loop over the plant hook and then twisted the open parasol to achieve the desired length. The walls then stabilize the parasol. ta da.


LoveDynamite said...

Sounds like hard work but I bet it was worth when you saw her their face light up:D

Dees said...

Oh I wish I had been a fly on her lovely painted walls.You've done such an amazing job for your daughter!!!love love!!

moogan said...

I'm so glad to hear she loved to room. You really worked hard on it. You are an awesome mom!

casapinka said...

I bet she was speechless. What a kick for you to see her face! Thanks for the demo on how to hang the parasol.