Thursday, June 14, 2007


So, I haven't been very productive shopwise lately. One, because of a nasty bout of bronchitis I can't seem to shake and two because of other non-etsy related projects eating up my time. So, I'd like to dedicate this weekend to production. I've got some new ideas/designs swirling about so here's the question: what do I do?

Do people really buy:
tea towels

I've been working on a new card line, reviving some old faves and adding some new. And I've bought some pieces to make some new jewelry bits. ooo, secret-ish
and since everything needs pictures, here's something I've been working on for my own entertainment. One of these gals is based on my daughter and the others are nieces.


casapinka said...

Love the colors and all the elements. This looks so great!

moogan said...

love the big top scene you have going on!

yes, people buy stickers and magnets. They also make for good promos to send out with orders. As for now I only have cards. I tend to relist them every few days due to the large amount being sold. It keeps them within the first few pages as opposed to getting lost in the shuffle.

I'm super excited to see the new jewelry!

artandghosts said...

i do love this one!

I can see all of these things selling, im a bit of a sucker for stickers myself,,,,,

Im sorry to hear about the bronchitis too. hope you are feeling much better now:)

Dees said...

This is too cute!I think these will sell like hotcakes!!