Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Softie Machine

So, I'm taking a stab at making a dollie. Not just any dollie, mind you, but a geisha doll. So far, I've got a hairless gal in her undies...with pins in her side. Now, she all she needs is a lovely kimono.

I'm also thinking that a mermaid dollie would be good. Perhaps a ninja, too.


moogan said...

I'm so excited to see how this little geisha dollie will turn out. I love the facial expression sp far. Did you paint on the face?

I'd also like to see your interpretation of a mermaid!

Dees said...

You know how I feel about dolls and stuffed animals this one is tooooo cute Kiwi!You sure know your crafts!xoxo Dees

KiWi said...

i printed her face directly from my inkjet. I might handpaint the mermaid's face though.
so much to do...:)

artandghosts said...

seriously cute!