Tuesday, May 22, 2007

She's Encaustic

Experiment 1 - The good news is, I learned something. I was using a regular iron and it was way too big for this plaque. I needed to use something smaller on smaller pieces.
Secondly, I should have used a hair dryer for the second layer. Everything blended together with the iron.


dees said...

Don't you just love trying out new stuff?? I always get a bit scared in the beginning but once that is gone I totally embrace new things.I do love this blue color How did you do this??Keep on trying new things and letting us all enjoy the experiments!!!!xoxo

moogan said...

I second that!
it still lokks very good and the colors are pretty. Can't wait to see the next batch

KiWi said...

Aw, thanks ladies. I can see from this venture that it might make some very cool underwater-looking works.
I got a decent sized board to try again tonight.
Ooo, and I bought a soldering iron :)