Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm not worthy

That delightful diva of dollies, Desiree, has sent me a scrumptious little darling. Isn't he just the cutest thing ever? What a delightful surprise! Thank you so much for this adorable dollie. Now, how to keep my daughter from swiping it....hmmm

I think I'll call him Bertie.

Oh, and I painted a little swan during Heroes. I'm on a swan kick ever since I watched Picnic at Hanging Rock.


artandghosts said...

ah! more picnic inspired can never have too much of a good thing:)i would love to see more!

and Bertie looks far brighter eyed and wide awake than i do this morning ^_^

moogan said...

bertie is very sweet looking, nice find.

Dees said...

Oh I am so glad you like him.And Bertie is the best name ever!!!
Love your swan.It is precious!!!
xoxo D