Friday, May 04, 2007


I want a Gocco. Anybody wanna buy me one?

Oh, and I decided (after consulting with my daughter) to go with Midori AND Reiko. Midori is the one in green since I associate her name with this melon flavored beverage.


moogan said...

thanks for all the blog comments. I had just learned that Nathan Fillion had appeaed on that soap. How funny. Love all your work. Especially the geisha girls. Hope you take some pictures of them as a mirrors.

artandghosts said...

oh boy, i sure wish you hadnt introduced me to that! i would love one, too!

and thanks for the tag thing. i'll be working on it right away!


KiWi said...

I know, Lou. I'm soooo jonesing for a Gocco. You can even get attachments to use it a stamper.