Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bag of Apples

I took another shot at making a bag of some sort. This one is sans zipper, which is better for me. The lining is a fabu Finlandia print but the outside is allllll meeee.
I'm thinking of making a silkscreen of my apple pattern so I can print larger pieces of fabric.
My stitchwork isn't exactly invisible but I'm getting better.


Dees said...

Kiwi I am amazed as usual.The printed bag is perfecto!!Don't sell yourself short miss K,you are becoming a wiz with your sewing!
I wish I could check in more often but as you know things are hectic around here.Thanks for your warm comment on the blog!
talk to you soon!xoxo

Twisted Stitches said...

Don't fret about the sewing, just keep on practicing adn you will get it. Love the apple print.

moogan said...

it looks lovely!

casapinka said...

I love love love the apples. I agree with Dees - the sewing looks good to me, just keep practicing. It's absolutely the best colors and fun as heck.

Lara said...

Ooh that apple print is lovely! How did you do it??

Thanks for the comment on my blog by the way. I don't print my fabrics myself - instead I get a company who specialise in screen printing yardage to do it for me. They got the skills :)

KiWi said...

I wish I knew of such a place. I think I'm going to have to take a stab about screening my own fabric.

artandghosts said...

this is gorgeous!

summery to the hilt:)