Wednesday, May 02, 2007

All Geishas All The Time

So, lately my head has been filled with visions of dancing geishas. The round designs are on their way to Chicago to be made into mirrors. I figure I'll make little felt geisha head pouches for them as well.

The other panel is printed fabric. I'm thinking that I'll make it into a tote bag.

A name: I'm thinking my dancing geisha should be either Reiko or Midori. What do you think? I like Midori but it makes me think of green melon liquor.


Maile said...

I'd go with Midori, but that's just because I know a Reiko and I know nothing about liquor.

I love the color combo on the future mirrors. Actually, I like her on the pink background, too. Lovely.

Desirée said...

I love Midori too!!They are so lovely Kiwi!Precious!xoxo

Anonymous said...

you've been tagged! look at my blog to see what i mean!