Friday, April 27, 2007


Inspired by a Russian folktale, I began work on a series of illustrations about Vasilissa the beautiful.
Vasilissa is a cinderella-ish tale about a gal who's mother leaves her a magic doll to care for her after she dies. The girl and the doll then deal with the adversity of a cruel stepfamily together. The stepmother then sends the girl on an impossible and probably fatal errand. Vasilissa, with the help of the doll, triumphs instead as the errand proves to be fatal to the stepfamily instead.

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Desirée said...

This is soooooo beatiful Kiwi,I think you are getting better and better every day (I thought that that was impossible but you keep making more and more things I totally love!)She is my favourite so far,next to miss dhalia ofcourse she brings me great joy every day when I wake up.She is next to my bed!xoxo D