Sunday, April 08, 2007

A little crafting

My daughter and I are building a zoo out of poly clay, paper, wooden bits and cardboard.
Here's my first contribution


Desiree said...

How sweet!crafting with your kids is the best!Mine are 18 and 16 and still want to make things with me!
I love the little clay critters,are you going to make your little chihuahua too???xoxo

KiWi said...

Well, Miss Bouvier certainly looks like she need a chihuahua, doesn't she? tee hee

mohairpink said...

Oh, def. a chihuahua. What a fun idea for an activity to do together. I'm thinking of redoing a dollhouse bec. I can do it top to bottom any way I want.

KiWi said...

Dollhouses are soo fun. You also have that brilliant little chapel that you could decorate in cute miniatures.