Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Return of the Tree Bride

Behold the Tree Bride number 3.


Desirée said...

Beautiful!!! just beautiful I love it!xoxo desirée

mohairpink said...

This is so powerful! Love the white gown against the blue - she looks like she might be scared, but then again might be having an adventure. wow!

KiWi said...

This one actually illicited a comment from my husband beyond 'that's nice'

artandghosts said...

my ex used to say 'exceptional!' to every damned thing i made, which never quite convinced due to its repetition, guh!
amusing though, i guess.

i love this, the symbolism (i see it anyway) and the hair curling about the branches, as if it yearns to keep a hold, even though it also appears that the tree is the one who has the upper hand!