Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's official

I need help. I learned yesterday that if people can easily find my work, they will buy it. So, how do I get them to notice me? What are some actually beneficial advertising venues? What can I do to increase awareness of my goods?
Any ideas?


Desirée said...

Hai I don't have a store yet but was thinking the same thing.I started with my weblog in januari and I am realy glad with all the comments I get and always try to answer everybody back and keep in touch with a circle of blogfriends and I enjoy that very much.So I think you should just trust that everything will go just fine.Your art is great and the rest will come in time too.Just relax and enjoy!And realy your art will find everybody out there!xoxo desirée

desiree said...

OK now it is official I just bought your beautiful painting darling dahlia and I am tickled pink happy with it!!!!xoxo