Wednesday, March 28, 2007

hand-drawn digitally colored

So, I played around with the idea of drawing a hand piece and then scanning and coloring in photoshop. I turned to threshold first....I think I won't next time.

I wasn't crazy about the dark outlines on the face so I colored over them.
updated: oh yeah, waaaay better without the heavy outline.


mohairpink said...

This is a cool concept. Love the colors. I'm not sure what threshold is. Can you explain it?

KiWi said...

sure, threshold turns a picture into black lines. You adjust the amount of black you want remaining with the extremes being totally white or totally black. On the blonde one, I adjusted the threshold to remove everything but black outlines and then I colored her in. On the brunette, I left the original scan as is - pencil lines, paper color and all.

artandghosts said...

yay! i was going to make a series of works featuring a skipping rope, but i only got around to one picture; a rabbit playing jumprope with her sister:)

i am sadly brainless when it comes to digitally colouring sketches ^_^

KiWi said...

Great minds, eh? I was thinking that I'd do an 'on the playground' type series with this small drawings. Somewhat old skool with jacks and hopscotch.