Sunday, February 04, 2007

A rose by any other name

Girls from around the sticker form. Having a multicultural niece, I decided that my cuties didn't have to be of the English speaking variety so I made some stickers that say 'sweet' or 'cute' or 'loved' in various foreign tongues such as Dutch and Portuguese.

Now, lurkers, please let me know if I've misused a word. I'd hate to be offering a sticker that says 'sweatsock' in Korean.


casapinka said...

KiWi, this is beyond cool. Why don't you turn this into a print or attach them to something and put them into a shadow box. I'll be visiting your store soon bec. I must have some of these! I'm at work now and don't have access.

KiWi said...

Ooooooo. Good idea. or what about large single ones for decorating little girlie rooms? Hmmmm. Now, my brain is all a twitter.