Friday, January 26, 2007

What's in a name...

As requested by the lovely Ellia of Green Bean Baby, I'll share the story of how I got my name. Once upon a time, labored as a telemarketer. As a telemarketer, I was constantly moved from program to program and with each new program came a new 'log on' name. It was always some variation of letters in my name, for example: the first two (Ke) and the last two (Ho). Since it would be pronounced 'key-ho' and the word 'ho' is HILARIOUS, that's what everyone called me. So, when I announced my engagement, one of the first questions was 'what will your new log on name be?'
I said, 'Key-Wee'.



ismoyo said...

LOL That's funny. I used to have a hamster named Kiwi!

Love your blog and your work!

ellia said...

hehehehehe too funny!!!! thanks for sharing!!!! arent you glad you are out of the telemarketing business??? :)

oh and the new v-day cards are too cute!!!!!