Friday, November 11, 2005

these are a few of my favorite things...

I love love love Marimekko's bold graphic prints but cringe in horror at the price per yard. However, all is not lost as they are now offering tea towels. Hmmm, tea towel aprons....small pouches...ipod cozies...headbands...

I also love the coasters and mugs. I'm a sucker for mod flowers.

Baubles Boutique

When my darling daughter was born, there weren't a plethora of stylish options for moms. Sure, if you wanted to look like a layer cake, K-mart could hook you up but otherwise, you were SOL. Now, check out these gorgeous bags available at Custom Mom

Seriously, you should have seen the blue nylon nightmare that I carried at the time. How things have changed.

My Paper Crane

My daughter and I stalk this site checking to see what Heidi will come up with pb and j sandwiches.

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