Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crafty goodness

The first one is a green onesie with similar to the pink one I made but smaller and with different spacing. The second one is a characture of Dr. Who characters on the request of my brother. He's sending it to a friend in the UK. Hey, I'm international.

Now, on a non-crafty note, I got this beauty in Tiburon, CA at a lovely boutique. Now, is it a pashmina or a poncho? a ponchmina?


lyn said...

Your stuff is amazing, we are big Dr Who fans in this house. I'm going to show this to my little boy tomorrow, he'll love it !

KiWi said...

Thank you. My older brother is a Doctor Who maniac from way back. I've even knit him the Tom Baker scarf.
My husband and I are loving this new run with Christopher Eccleston.